These are flour preparations made by TNA to make special types of bread that contain the NATURplus liposomic natural emulsifiers.
The technology developed by TNA, based on liposomes, gives these flours increased malleability, increased production yield and a prolonged shelf-life. These are flours with different and specific ingredients for producing a wide range of products, types of bread with unique flavours and unusual shapes, appreciated by even the most demanding customers.



Preparation for semi-sweet bakery products – breakfast rolls and brioche bread. Soft rolls for a light breakfast, to be enjoyed plain or enriched with savoury fillings. The addition of milk makes it possible to make excellent bread with raisins, bread with chocolate chips, chocolate bread, soft focaccia and speciality breadsticks. Perfect also as a flavour enhancer making up 10-30% of a dough mixture



A multi-purpose preparation for single-portion artisanal cakes and pastries: genuine and fragrant, its great versatility leaves room for the baker’s creativity. For croissants, brioches and bread twists as light as a feather.




Preparation for bread made with skimmed milk, with no added fats. Delicious small, soft slightly sweet bread buns. They are perfect for children’s parties because they maintain their softness and children really love them.




Concentrated preparation for the production of milk bread or substitutes, using flours with different characteristics: to obtain fragrant bread that stays soft.





Preparation for durum wheat bread of small and medium dimensions and Mediterranean bread, rich in natural and non-industrial noble proteins: for “sunkissed” bread.




Preparation for speciality breads made with durum wheat flour: a clever mixture of soft and hard wheat flour, for high quality Apulia style bread. For irresistible francesiniciabatte and zoccoletti types of bread.




Preparation for the typical French baguette, for special occasions. It has the characteristic long shape, a crisp brittle golden crust and a soft white interior. It is fragrant and tasty, excellent for a continental breakfast with butter and jam, or with cold cuts or cheese, perhaps even with Brie for a snack.




Preparation for classic Arab bread with no added fats: healthy, wholesome, with a characteristic soft white thin rough crust that is usually sprinkled with flour.





Preparation for classic Arab bread or Arab bread made with oat flakes, rich in fibre for a balanced diet. Thanks to the presence of particular fibres (beta glucans) oats are the best cholesterol lowering agent in our diet (together with beans, fish and flaxseeds).




Preparations for durum wheat: traditional rich tasty Apulian bread. Apulian bread, produced in different sizes, boasts a thick crunchy crust, a white crumb, good texture with air holes, a slightly bitter smell and taste and the fragrance of genuine wheat.




Preparation with Indian soya, rich in nutrition, alternative proteins, with characteristic flavours and aroma. Indeed, soya is an exceptional substance from a nutritional point of view and it is gluten free. Rich in protein, it is a leguminous plant with vegetable oestrogen (isoflavones), which is recognized as having a cholesterol lowering effect as well as favouring female hormone production.



Preparation for ‘Pane del Campesino’ (traditional country bread): new, tasty, rich in seeds and alternative cereal flours. Essential components: fibre, unsaturated fats, proteins, mineral salts, vitamins. ‘Pane del Campesino’ is healthy and natural, it has a pleasant taste and with its new shape it is well-placed among the latest bread products, arousing the curiosity of those who enjoy trying new products.



A multi-cereal preparation with flaxseeds, sesame and soya: to make variegated, rich and tasty bread that is rich in fibre, natural antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids. Flaxseeds have many advantages: they are rich in fibre, omega 3 fatty acids and anti-cancer properties.



Preparation for Pane Tartaruga, with its characteristic shape with re-milled flour and oat flour. Oat flour has a low glycemic index and is therefore particularly suitable for producing food for diabetics. Oats are a source of slow digesting carbohydrates and are rich in fibre and can therefore provide energy over a long period. Oats are also a precious ally against cholesterol.



Mixture of flours for spelt and oat bread. Ancient cereals in the Mediterranean diet. Spelt is the cereal with the highest percentage of protein, which in addition is easier to digest; it also contains many hypo-allergenic substances and many people who have wheat intolerances can replace wheat with spelt. It also contains the following minerals: potassium, iron, calcium, sodium and phosphorus.



Mixture for a new type of bread made with vegetable fat which can be made in a wide range of shapes. Ideal for breaking up to make pistolettes, or to slice into sandwiches. It is also recommended for making breadsticks with vegetable fat.




Preparation for rye flour bread: fragrant, tasty and with a characteristic colour. Rye bread has a very low calorie content, indeed it contains 60 calories less than normal white bread. For this reason, it is strongly recommended for people who are trying to lose weight or who are following a strict diet. In addition to its undisputed benefits, it is also useful for promoting regular bowel movements and a healthy metabolism. Rye bread is a tasty food that is perfect for accompanying meals and for snacks, and can easily replace white bread.



Preparation for focaccia genovese (Genoan focaccia) with a strong flavour and golden colour: long-lasting softness, and always very popular. To get into the holiday mood, even in the city, the perfect accompaniment for a great aperitif, for healthy afternoon snacks for children and natural snacks for adults.



Preparation for making bread buns that stay soft and are suitable for any filling. They are also useful in a shop to make tasty sandwiches with a filling of your choice.




Preparation for making crunchy, tasty, long-life schiacciatine. To offer customers a pleasant tasty alternative to bread. Schiacciatine enhance any table, they are ideal for snacks and to accompany an aperitif as they satisfy the urge to “nibble” with something wholesome and healthy.