Complete liposomic natural processing aids from the NATURplus range specifically for cakes and pastries. When added to the dough they guarantee natural goodness, quality, a long shelf life and a high yield. In the production of pastries and cakes the stability and workability of the dough are of fundamental importance. The Multilev PG line of products render the dough homogeneous and elastic and provide a uniform moisturising effect because they improve the structure of the amide protein complex and the stabilization of the phases. And so, when complete natural processing aids are added to the dough, they guarantee stability and workability in addition to natural goodness, quality, a longer shelf life and better yield. The Multilev PG line is ideal for freezing technology.


MULTILEV 2% PG: single portions

Complete liposomic natural processing aid from the new and exclusive NATURplus range for single portion cakes or pastries, traditional seasonal products and also for spelt and kamut bread. Freezing technology specific. If stronger aroma and taste and more freshness are required in an end product, then adding from 1% to 3% of Multilev 2% PG to the dough will not only improve the taste but also lengthen the shelf life and increase the yield because the liposomes increase the presence of combined water and the aromas that develop during production, and also improve workability.

Specifically, in the preparation of frozen products, Multilev 2% PG improves preservation and all the qualitative characteristics, while attenuating the damaging effect of sudden changes in temperature and improving the product’s appearance, volume, palatability, taste, preservation and yield. For traditional seasonal products Multilev 2% PG simplifies the progression of the various phases of production.