Cooperating with the best specialists in the field, TNA produces and perfects raw materials and special processing aids for baking products, constantly striving to improve the production of dough mixtures and the quality of end products, contributing to the development of natural, healthy and tasty products at the forefront of excellence in the food sector.

In 2007, thanks to years of study and research, TNA developed an exclusive production technology for specific liposomes to be used as emulsifiers and natural processing aids for the production of bakery products, bread and cakes, to replace the E471 and E472 semi synthetic emulsifiers. This gave rise to the NATURplus range of natural emulsifiers for the production of end products that delight even the most demanding consumers, ideal for both traditional as well as certified organic preparations.

The liposomes are made up of phospholipids, the set of active ingredients in lecithin that are structured in ordered spatial aggregations that enclose a water molecule.

The structure of liposomes has a significant emulsifying and emollient effect. Thanks to their particular propensity to react with proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, they greatly improve the rheological characteristics of dough mixtures and furthermore they increase the anti-crystallization effect and are therefore particularly useful in cold and frozen dough mixtures. Lastly, they are also effective in improving the action of water, thus giving baking products particular characteristics of shelf life, stability, softness, friability and palatability.